Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

Power Crystals
Spiritual and Magical Practices, Crystal Skulls, and Alien Technology

by John DeSalvo Ph.D.

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Destiny Books (2012)
Language: English
Reviewed by Frater U.I.F.

Dr. John DeSalvo is the director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, and was involved in the study of the Shroud of Turin. He is the author of several works, mostly out of print, including The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook, Decoding the Pyramids, Dead Sea Scrolls and The Lost Art of Enochian Magic. Power Crystals: Spiritual and Magical Practices, Crystal Skulls, and Alien Technology, his newest offering published by Destiny Books, outlines years of experience and research mostly in the area of Crystal Skulls.

Much of this work consists of DeSalvo's personal experience owning a crystal skull which he believes to be truly ancient because of the lack of discernible modern tool marks. Thy mystery behind the creation of crystal skulls is a central topic, describing the study of modern-made skulls versus those of unknown origin.

Throughout the book there are many passing references to scientific study of crystals and crystal skulls, along with background information. However, in almost all cases the results of these experiments are either lacking, inconclusive, or simply not properly outlined or presented. For example, one of the more highly lauded experiments ended with the scientists refusing to release the results of their study.

The author presents several theories on the origins of the Skulls considered to be ancient ranging from manufacture in the hands of aliens to the craftsman of Atlantis. Mostly these speculations are presented as questions rather than theories endorsed by the author. Anyone interested in this highly specialized field of research and speculation may find this book a worthwhile addition to the plethora of works on the subject.