Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

The Hermetic Link
From Secret Tradition to Modern Th ought

by Jacob Slavenburg

Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Ibis Press 2012
Language: English
Reviewed by Frater U.I.F.

Jacob Slavenburg, author of The Hermetic Link, is a Dutch cultural historian who is best known for his writings on early Christianity, uncovering how much closer it is to Gnosticism and Western esotericism than it is with modern Christianity. As an accomplished scholar and teacher he has undertaken this deep, complex, and intricate study of Hermes and Hermeticism through the ages.

Hermes as a concept, man or deity has been in existence at least since ancient Egypt where He appeared under the guise of Thoth. Th is concept of the intelligent mercurial being has intrigued, inspired and instructed humanity for our entire written history. Hermes represents that greater genius of the Self, a messenger between divinity and the rest of humanity. Hermes is the Magician and his history in thought, art, culture and religion is long rich and strange.

The Hermetic Link is as complete a study of Hermeticism as one could hope for in a single volume. Beginning in Egypt with Th oth the author continues to traverse peoples, nations and continents as well as millennia ever describing the growth and development of Hermes, the knowledge of medicine and the content of the Corpus Hermeticum. Th is is a fully detailed, and heavily documented volume as interesting to the casual occultist as it would be to an historian. Crossing this line quite elegantly, the Author speaks in a reliable, trustworthy and easily respected tone.

The author also manages to pay particular attention to esoteric thought and how it has been affected by and influenced by Hermes, including its relation to John Dee, Cornelius Agrippa and other historic figures. The material in The Hermetic Link is fascinating, and presented in a clear and academic fashion. Th is book is highly recommended to students interested in Hermes as a figure, or Hermetic and esoteric thought in general.