Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

Modern Thelemic Magick & Culture

The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook

by Denise Alvarado

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Weiser Books (November 1, 2011)
Language: English
Reviewed by Frater U.I.F.

The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook is written by Denise Alvarado, a psychologist, ritual artist, medicine woman, and root worker in the New Orleans Voodoo / Hoodoo tradition. Growing up in New Orleans she learned practically and culturally from her family and a rich Louisiana Creole community. Her academic background combines nicely with her ability to transmit a cultural mood, resulting in an organized and aesthetic book. Her writing style is absolutely entrancing allowing readers with little or no Voodoo / Hoodoo related experience to feel at home within the system. Overall this book is intended to get a newcomer to Voodoo / Hoodoo "up and running" and in that sense it is a great success.

The book opens with an introduction to the history, culture and the various spiritual traditions behind the current state of New Orleans Voodoo / Hoodoo. Once the cultural background is outlined and the author touches upon common concepts in the religion, we are presented with a study of the Voodoo Pantheon. This list of Loas, African Powers, and Catholic Saints is detailed enough to get even a beginner calling upon them. Much of the information provided here is pragmatic, informing the reader how and when to call upon the powers of these beings to assist us in worldly matters.

Once the pantheon is established this book remains true to form and fulfills its title perfectly. Utilizing several detailed methods and tools, we are instructed in the use of Voodoo / Hoodoo for any situation or need. With the detailed outlines of prayers, oils, inks, ritual bath additions, Gris Gris and spells, practitioners of any stripe could easily pull from the cornucopia of styles and methods to begin performing this flavor of Magick quickly and smoothly.

This is an excellent Spell Book for anyone not well versed in the tradition to immediately begin effective spell work. All the background, tools, methods and resources are present and clearly described in a utilitarian fashion.